Annihilation (Review)

Jumping back into our reviews after our untimely hiatus – we grabbed at the chance to review the latest sci-fi drama ‘Annihilation’ which dropped on Netflix this past week.

Director Alex Garland, the man behind such projects like Ex Machina and 28 Days Later brings his second directing piece Annihilation to the big and small screens. Based on the novel of the same name, this science fiction outing tells the tale of cellular biology professor and former U.S. Army soldier Lena (Natalie Portman) and her female team (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny,) who journey to what is known as ‘The Shimmer’ an extraterrestrial zone on the U.S coast which is beginning to slowly engulf everything in its path. At the center a lighthouse where the team hope to find some final answers after many failed previous missions.


Annihilation is not only one of the year most intriguing pieces yet but it is also one of the better sci-fi films this side of the decade, Garland has produced a hell fire storm of ambiguity that will have us talking about this piece long after the credits have faded away from our screens.

We were honestly blown away by how much attention to detail he brought to the table and how smart this piece got the further we delved into the mix.

Portman gives an outstanding performance as the somewhat broken woman who after (thinking) she loses her husband Cane (Oscar Issac) is reunited – but on what terms. As the shimmer quietly calls upon her, we watch as she experience more than she ever thought could be possible.

This is where the film gets us, we track along with Portman and co. who we might add all give tremendous outings – as we soon learn the pack are unhinged by their (each) personal battles in which the entity feeds off.


The direction in which some of the scenes play out is what can only be described as subtly terrifying. It is not so much the blood and gore but more the personal ideas of the terror they face throughout that haunted us as we watched on (clawing at our seats!)

The idea that more of the plot was left open ended and ambiguous actually, in our opinion work a treat and got us chatting among ourselves. If that isn’t a credit to the movie then we don’t what is?

The visuals and practicality of the sets were tauntingly beautiful – which in our opinion gave some tremendous nods to the likes of The Last of Us, Aliens and even John Carpenters THE THING. 

Now we don’t want to over hype the idea of an all-out action gore fest because this is not that – yes it has its shootouts but this is more of a smart idea on the genre, giving what we have interpreted as the human consciousness imploding.


Annihilation is quiet, daring and beautiful all rolled into one. It is the type of film that will be digested by critics and fans for a long time and we feel will be seen as a cult classic of the genre.

The conclusion is breathtaking and will leave you asking yourself for more and more.


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